Warung Pulau Kelapa


          Warung Pulau Kelapa has capacity of 120 seats with old ethnic era as our interior design concept. We strongly believe that each customer who eats in Warung Pulau Kelapa will feel the sensation of antique ambience.

Warung Pulau Kelapa

Ice Cream Station

          WARUNG PULAU KELAPA proudly presents our homemade, premium quality ice cream for your enjoyment. We use only the best & fresh local ingredients to make our ice cream in different tropical flavors such as avocado, coconuts, durian, etc. We also make the traditional Indonesian ice cream known as es puter that is stirred ice cream using modern machinery & techniques. Es puter is made from coconut milk, coconut flesh & sugar, therefore it is dairy free!
Come & enjoy each & every flavour of our homemade ice cream at WARUNG PULAU KELAPA.

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          Our Story is in every single sip of our coffee. We’ve been perfecting the art of great coffee. As we source, roast, seal for freshness and deliver, you’ll find the great Indonesian coffee here, But the story doesn’t stop at beans, It’s about the complete journey from the soil, ensuring your equipment is tuned for perfection, right through to how to make the perfect cup.

Warung Pulau Kelapa

Javanese House Ambience

          A really authentic Javanese house with a very homey ambience. Based on our ancestors heritage, our traditional Javanese house has a unique and distinctive characteristics such as the famous model that has a very spacious terrace with four pillars that are large as a buffer and use teak wood which has a high level of durability. You can also see old paintings from the colonial era

Warung Pulau Kelapa

Others ( Parking Space, Wifi )

          Warung Pulau Kelapa also prepares a large parking space and free wifi so you dont need to worry about going online and bring your own vehicle.